Who We Are

Baseline is a full-service creative agency that exists to market emerging culture.

Our big idea is simple, Disrupt the Familiar. We do this through telling brand stories and leading projects in the areas of creative direction, concept development, content creation, and live experiences.

We take a bold and meaningful approach to strategy and communications across many different mediums. We strive to help our clients and partners connect with people in a real way. We execute passionate ideas by driven people.

We create with a purpose.

Our Beliefs

No One Succeeds Alone

No one goes down alone, no one climbs up without a hand.

Live On Purpose

Idle action creates stagnate results. We live dynamically and purposefully. 

Go Small

Big problems don’t seem so big when we get to the core.

Balance Doesn’t Exist

We are 100% wherever we are at.

This isn’t checkers, it’s freakin’ chess.

Regardless of circumstance, there is always a move.

We Have An Unfair Advantage

We care more. It’s that simple.

Be Remarkable

Will they make a remark about it? If not, then that’s average, and average is for losers.

Character & Integrity

We promise this to our clients, partners, and the entire team. Always.

Build Bridges

Relationships come first.

Invite Yourself To The Table

We might be young, but our voice matters.

Busy Is Dumb

Busy isn’t our style. We believe in focused execution of work.

Celebrate The Wins

We celebrate our success and elevate those around us.