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Music events with a social purpose.

We exist because everyone deserves a strong baseline.

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Danny Byrd headlines Baseline Days at the Colour Factory

Featuring the chart topping Danny Byrd who has has had #1 hits in the dance charts and been top 10 in the main charts.

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Our brand’s ethos is to support those who need a little help in life, whether that is due to mental health struggles or a lack of access to opportunity. We also want to use electronic music to foster community in a society where it is slowly disappearing.

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Cupid Stunt and Jarix talking with a raver
two girls laughing with a pint at a rave
Ravers dancing at Baseline Nights
Tom and Hayley two ravers and part of the Baseline Collective
Shanksy and Asha at Baseline Nights with the Baseline Collective logo
A boy and a girl at a rave
Visionobi on the mic
A raver posing at the rave
Shanksy and Asha B at The Baseline Collective
Lurks and JNR at Baseline Nights 3
Ravers having fun at Baseline Nights 3
A DJ at Baseline Nights
Cupid Stunt Djing at Baseline Nights
Asha B and Ashley at Baseline nights with a raver and 2 Baseline Collective logos
Two ravers talking at Baseline Nights
Lauren, a girl, raving at the Baseline Collective
Ravers laughing and talking at the rave
An older raver raving.  Baseline Collective is for mental health and is an inclusive organisation.
Two girls at the rave
Ravers loving it at the rave pointing at the camera
Two pals at the rave smiling with a couple of pints of lager
A raver feeling the music
A boy and a girl raver at The Baseline Collective
Ravers with their hands in the air raving.  Featuring Becca Jane Gray

Share Our Passion for Music

We all share a common passion around electronic music.  There's already a community.  Let's use this community for a common good.

What the 
artists say

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    It's hard to watch the effects of negativity take hold in friends and family and I commend anyone who is there to help those that are struggling in these hard times. Let the music play and let's enjoy a smile together doing what we love. 💚
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    One thing I didn’t realise until I got to Uni and started making closer friendships was that everyone has their battles, whether you can see them or not. It shocked me how many people that I thought were rock solid had struggled too, and I loved the way music brought us together and gave us all an escape from the stress everyday life can bring. It’s why I’ll never stop going to events!
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    I am such a firm believer in open conversation about mental health, which is why working with Baseline Collective is a really awesome opportunity. The DnB gig environment is a place filled with joy and connectivity, but it's also heavily interlaced with substances and alcohol which can take a toll on our wellbeing. I think it's amazing that Baseline Collective are doing so much more than running gigs, they're creating a safe space, a positive community and a real difference amongst the run of the mill promoters.
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    Mental health is something that has affected me in my career at varying points of my life. In NZ we have a dedicated charity to helping musicians who struggle in this area and I do a lot with and for them when asked. Therefore it made absolute sense to also do something for Baseline Collective. Mental health in the UK appears to be underfunded and things like this are so helpful and essential.
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    I’ve been following Baseline Collective’s mission for a while now and love the non-profit idea - having a party for an amazing cause!
  • DJ Jarix
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    Music, in particular Drum and Bass has helped me so much. Being able to escape life’s stress whilst in the rave has played such a large part in keeping my mental health in balance. Charities such as Mind and what Baseline Collective has done for everyone and the DnB community is so important. To now be a part of that is such an honour.
  • DJ Walk:R
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    Mental health isn’t talked about enough, especially in men, and I’m sure there are so many people within the music industry that are affected by it that don’t speak about it enough. Young, old, male or female. Charities such as Mind are important to raise awareness because of how widespread the issue itself is. I’m happy to be working with Baseline Collective as they’re rooting for a cause which is close to my heart, as I have lots of friends and close loved ones who suffer with mental health issues.
  • DJ Keeno
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    I've been through CBT thanks to Music Minds Matter & know how valuable this kind of resource is. Anything I can do to help continue its existence is a win on my books!
  • DJ Holdup
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    As someone who has suffered from mental health issues for most of their life, I have benefited from charities like Mind and this is an awesome opportunity to give back.
  • DJ Trinity
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    I'm currently studying a masters in pharmacology and focus heavily on neuroscience and so learn everyday of the struggles people face with mental health and I think it's great that there is more being done about it and I think incorporating music alongside it is fantastic and spreads awareness even further. Everyone I know has either struggled (or knows someone that has) with their mental health and music for a lot of people is their escape from that so I think its great to see a brand taking action through their love of music!
  • DJ Low:R
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    I think the charity Mind is an amazing cause and something quite close to my heart, plus it's Telomic's album launch so who am I to say no haha.
  • DJ Telomic
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    Mental health support is really important and close to me, and I feel that it’s hugely underfunded in this country. The Baseline Collective not only have their support for this, but also are clearly putting proper care into their events, and I’m proud to have been asked to be a part of it.
  • DJ Sabre
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    MC Sabre

    I like to try and work with as many different groups as I can as to build I great network of artists and promoters. And I love the fact that you are supporting good causes it's all about helping when we can I was a part of another event just before Christmas raising money for charity.
  • DJ JNR
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    I think mental health isn't talk about enough and if there is anyways of raising awareness for it I will always support it.
  • DJ Redybrek
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    I have previously done a fundraiser for MIND 2 days after my 21st birthday. With a target to raise £200 ended up fundraising over that to £345! Honestly was something to give back to the charity who do amazing work for people who suffer mental health is an achievement I'm proud of indeed. Baseline Collective has all my support on a common goal.