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Music events with a social purpose.

We exist because everyone deserves a strong baseline.

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International Women's Day Special featuring Natty Lou, Dilemma, Pinks, Gaia, Coco

Baseline Collective is back! We're hosting a special International Women's Day Baseline Nights with an incredible all-woman line up!

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Our brand’s ethos is to support those who need a little help in life, whether that is due to mental health struggles or a lack of access to opportunity. We also want to use electronic music to foster community in a society where it is slowly disappearing.

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Cupid Stunt and Jarix talking with a raver
two girls laughing with a pint at a rave
Ravers dancing at Baseline Nights
Tom and Hayley two ravers and part of the Baseline Collective
Shanksy and Asha at Baseline Nights with the Baseline Collective logo
A boy and a girl at a rave
Visionobi on the mic
A raver posing at the rave
Shanksy and Asha B at The Baseline Collective
Lurks and JNR at Baseline Nights 3
Ravers having fun at Baseline Nights 3
A DJ at Baseline Nights
Cupid Stunt Djing at Baseline Nights
Asha B and Ashley at Baseline nights with a raver and 2 Baseline Collective logos
Two ravers talking at Baseline Nights
Lauren, a girl, raving at the Baseline Collective
Ravers laughing and talking at the rave
An older raver raving.  Baseline Collective is for mental health and is an inclusive organisation.
Two girls at the rave
Ravers loving it at the rave pointing at the camera
Two pals at the rave smiling with a couple of pints of lager
A raver feeling the music
A boy and a girl raver at The Baseline Collective
Ravers with their hands in the air raving.  Featuring Becca Jane Gray

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We all share a common passion around electronic music.  There's already a community.  Let's use this community for a common good.

What the 
artists say

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    "I have suffered from mental health issues in the past and have taken the energy and emotions from these experiences into my music. Baseline Collective follow a similar stance with their events and I can relate to the way they support mental health through the art of music a lot, not only those involved but those who attend. Its an honour to be a part of this movement. "
  • Hugh Hardie
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    Hugh Hardie

    I like the openness and positivity they're building as a community and a brand, and I'm very happy to be involved :)
  • Iyre
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    Our mind could be our biggest enemy as well as our biggest strength.. I've been both sides of the spectrum. Having gone through depression and anxiety, I do understand how important it is to raise awareness and educate/raise proceedings for endeavors that contribute vastly towards such objectives.. Huge love to Baseline Collective for having me, and I'm hoping we would be able to raise funds and support through the event.. Hoping to see you all at the dance floor...
  • Riya
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    I've always been a supporter of MIND, having lost someone to suicide five years ago, and having had mental health issues myself in the past, and family members that have experienced them too. MIND do amazing work, raising awareness of mental health issues and breaking down the stigma that's still there. They also offer a phone line, which is a lifeline to many people in times of crisis. Having volunteered on a suicide phone line myself a few years ago, I know just how important that is and what a difference it makes. But it's a service that costs a lot of money to run, and so it's important we try and raise money for MIND, to make sure important services like this are available to those who can't perhaps afford private counselling or therapy, or just need someone to talk to.
  • Collette Warren
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    Collette Warren

    Mind is a really important charity to me, having suffered with my own mental health over the years, I think it's important to support them, especially in the music industry, a lot of people are suffering deep inside.
  • Nu:Tone
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    I've always been aware of the importance of mental health, but the challenges of the last few years have really highlighted how fragile it can be. It's also revealed how patchy mental health provision is across the UK. Charities such as Mind do a hugely important job in bridging that gap, and I'm really happy to play a small part in supporting their work.
  • Oversight
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    I have struggled with my mental health for over a decade, i’ve been there. I get it. There is currently nowhere near enough support for people who need it due to the systematic underfunding of our NHS. This means charities are often people’s only choice. On top of that there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and asking for help. If i can in some way contribute to helping with that i’m down.
  • Crash Comet
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    Crash Comet

    I had a lot of experience with therapy throughout my life since I was about 4 years old actually. To be brief, I wouldn't be writing music and living a great life now without the support I was given when I was younger. So any cause that supports mental health and the welbing of others is right up my street.
  • Korbex
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    It's hard to watch the effects of negativity take hold in friends and family and I commend anyone who is there to help those that are struggling in these hard times. Let the music play and let's enjoy a smile together doing what we love. 💚
  • RHD
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    One thing I didn’t realise until I got to Uni and started making closer friendships was that everyone has their battles, whether you can see them or not. It shocked me how many people that I thought were rock solid had struggled too, and I loved the way music brought us together and gave us all an escape from the stress everyday life can bring. It’s why I’ll never stop going to events!
  • Elipsa
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    I am such a firm believer in open conversation about mental health, which is why working with Baseline Collective is a really awesome opportunity. The DnB gig environment is a place filled with joy and connectivity, but it's also heavily interlaced with substances and alcohol which can take a toll on our wellbeing. I think it's amazing that Baseline Collective are doing so much more than running gigs, they're creating a safe space, a positive community and a real difference amongst the run of the mill promoters.
  • Tali
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    Mental health is something that has affected me in my career at varying points of my life. In NZ we have a dedicated charity to helping musicians who struggle in this area and I do a lot with and for them when asked. Therefore it made absolute sense to also do something for Baseline Collective. Mental health in the UK appears to be underfunded and things like this are so helpful and essential.