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Baseline Nights with Telomic & Dushi Headlining

Event Information

Nu:Tone headlining with Riya & Collette Warren, Ben Soundscape, DJ Phloem, DJ Crash Comet, and DJ Oversight
Telomic & Dushi headlining, Phloem, Gaia and Holdup supporting

Artists at this event

DJ Dushi
DJ Gaia
DJ Holdup
DJ Telomic

Pictures from this event

Two happy women and a man at a rave
Ravers listening to DJ Iyre
Ravers dancing to drum and bass
DJ Iyre and a singer
DJ Iyre
Ravers filming DJ Iyre
DJ Iyre
DJ Phloem
Women at the rave
Dreadlocked raver
Ravers with a banana bucket hat
ravers dancing
drum and bass rave
dj with dreadlocks drum and bass
hillarious ravers
dancing ravers
dancing ravers
happy ravers cuddling
ravers with their hands in the air
a rave couple dancing
ravers raving
ravers cuddling
ravers raving
happy ravers two men and a woman

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Join us at our next event.  Limited tickets available.

Full Information

Nu:Tone has spent the summer playing at festivals and as the festival season comes to an end we have Nu:Tone headlining our event. Supported by not one but two singers Riya and Collette Warren and DJ Ben Soundscape. Also the ever popular DJ Phloem, DJ Crash who has attracted a lot of interest on social media and DJ Oversight.

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