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Baseline Nights with In:Most headlining

Event Information

In:Most headlining with the excellent Visionobi on the mic
Baseline Nights 2 Flyer featuring In:Most

Artists at this event

DJ Cupid Stunt
Cupid Stunt
DJ Fryett
DJ Hillsom

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Join us at our next event.  Limited tickets available.

Full Information

With In:Most headling with the up and coming Visionobi on the mic as well as featuring Hillsdom. Also on the lineup are Phloem, Cupid Stunt and Fryett.

Our last event

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Nu:Tone headlining with Riya & Collette Warren, Ben Soundscape, DJ Phloem, DJ Crash Comet, and DJ Oversight

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Baseline Nights featuring Aperio, Low:R, Phloem, Blean, Scavenger

Another night of Liquid D&B with Aperio & Low:R, Phloem, Blean, DJ Scavenger